The "Sea of ​​Rhythms" folklore festival is the last in the city's cultural calendar. He "tells" about the authentic, emphasizes it, presents it in a form preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Simultaneously a competition, it motivates and enables the pursuit of perfection, compares work, ambitions and achievements, stimulates the emotional feeling of participants and the audience. Folklore brings the good memories of history and this is what the festival strives for - to collect, show and pass on to generations. The folklore festival "Sea of ​​rhythms" is organized by the non-profit association "For Balchik", the city of Balchik with the exclusive support of the Municipality of Balchik under the patronage of the Mayor Mr. Nikolay Angelov and the assistance of partners and sponsors. "For Balchik" is a non-profit association, in which we are members of young, creative people with various professions, with great idea potential, full of energy and will to make the world around us more beautiful and good.

Сдружение за Балчик    
The city of Balchik is located in the northeastern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 40 km from Varna, on the coast, in an area with a moderate continental climate, the average temperature in July is 22 degrees, and the temperature of the sea water in summer reaches 24 degrees. The city was founded 26 centuries ago by Greek colonists under the name Crooney. In the 6th century BC is named after the Greek god of wine and fun Dionysus - Dionysopolis. In the 4th century BC Dionysospolis was already a sufficiently important economic center. This is evidenced by the found coins minted in the city, on which the name of the god Dionysus was printed. Cults to the god of wine and to the great mother goddess Cybele were widespread.

    History and cultural heritage are intertwined in the smallest details of Balchik. These are indelible facts that can be looked at by anyone who decides to visit the White City. Don't you want to see inhabited houses more than 100 years old, fountains with cold water, where according to legend, every homeless man if he drinks remains in Balchik, 150-year-old cobblestones on Yavorov Street, the Palace of Queen Mary, the ancient temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods – Cybele and many other interesting artifacts?
Do you say visiting museums, galleries, monasteries and cultural monuments in general is boring?! We assure you that you cannot even imagine this for Balchik. 2600 years of history can't be boring, you can only immerse yourself from one era to another. In short: Balchik - Land of seven civilizations!

град БалчикWelcome to white-stone Balchik - a city with a thousand-year history, which can rightly be the "visiting card" of a European country like Bulgaria. As a tourist destination with over 60 hotel bases, it welcomes thousands of guests year-round from all over the world. In 2012, it was declared "Festival City of the Balkans" by the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations. From May to September, it hosts artists of various genres, participants in the festivals that color its streets, interweaving art, spirit and atmosphere in one symbiosis.

Национален фолклорен фестивал "Море от ритми" - БалчикOur aims are to promote, develop and maintain values, attitudes, friendship and contacts between peoples; to stimulate creativity in the field of arts, folklore and crafts; to assimilate the timeless folklore wealth, the popularization of its authenticity and preservation of the connection with folk traditions; we organize and implement international conferences, concerts, exhibitions and presentations for the exchange of experience, ideas, scientific and technical innovations in various fields; we improve the conditions and opportunities for cultural exchange between countries around the world. The main task is to develop the creative possibilities and potential of young talents by using all known forms of art and discovering new methods of creative self-expression.

One such form of preservation and transmission of folklore is the "Sea of ​​Rhythms" folklore festival.

Artistic director: 

Галина Гавраилова

Galina Gavrailova 
+359 882 723 531 
Administrative coordinator:

Trayana Dimitrova
+359 899 974 242
Reservation coordinator:  

Христо Желев
Hristo Zhelev
+359 899 351 610 
Host: Krassimir Demirov

Красимир Демиров
Actor from
DT "Y. Yovkov" Dobrich city


Bulgaria, Balchik city
bl. 16,
ent. А, fl. 5, ap. 14


НФФ "Море от Рирми" - Балчик


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